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a piece of art made out of sticks and lace with two black stones on it
Сайт за дантелата - Бистра Писанчева
Bistra Pisancheva
a man holding up a piece of art made out of wire
Un delicado tejido guarda entre sus finos hilos, historias llenas de constancia, paciencia y amor por el arte. Así como características especiales definen a los marabinos, así de particular es la técnica que da vida a los “Soles de Maracaibo”. Aún y cuando su origen se dio en las Islas Canarias, las manos de un grupo de mujeres lograron imprimir el sello autóctono de la Tierra del Sol Amada.
an intricately designed glass plate sitting on top of a table
teneriffe༺✿༻ Needle Weaving
a pair of scissors next to a piece of string and some yarn on a table
Media (@media) • Instagram photos and videos
a plate with yellow flowers on it next to a ball of yarn
roupas em nhanduti
em nhanduti
a close up of a piece of yarn with a flower shaped object in the middle
an orange pumpkin with two green leaves on it's head is shown in the shape of a jack - o - lantern
Lavoretti di Halloween: zucca cd musicale
lavoretti di Halloween - la zucca cd musicale
a close up of a piece of yarn with a flower shaped object in the middle
ニャンドゥティレースセミナー〈レポート〉: bird-house
Nanduti - a wonderful, small, intricate surface weaving technique
two hands are working on a piece of string art
É primavera!
Teneriffe lace