"The light doubles / and casts through the dark / a sparkling that heavens the earth." (Galway Kinnell) - By the Bog of Cats - Ghost Fancier Lighting

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. Thanks to my long time IG buddy for letting me use one of his shots for this edit. Be sure to have a look at feed to find more fantastic shots.

I picked this image because it expresses how the man in the picture is bondaged by his work. His neck tie is a noose instead of the traditional neck tie which symbolizes his work killing him.


the last pinner pinned this as Freedom of speech. I see this as Put your money where your mouth is.//I see it as money isn't power it's weakness;only a strong man can truly live without money.

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White face paint blurs out so the black paint looks like remains and the eye really stands out High-Contrast Portrait @ Busy Being Fabulous.

Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street © Sergei Sarakhanov

Heterochromia is such a groovy mutation. “gyravlvnebe: “Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street © Sergei Sarakhanov ” The eyes…….peep the eyes.

Funny pictures about Beautiful Freckles. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful Freckles. Also, Beautiful Freckles photos.

Expressive portraits of animals by Vincent Lagrange reflect powerful "human" emotions. #photography #animal

Expressive Portraits of Animals Reflect Powerful "Human" Emotions

does fragrance of a candle effect the burning time?

Wonderfully Witty Dog Portraits by Ron Schmidt