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Marvel, Avengers
a notepad with the words'marvel'written on it and a pencil next to it
I made my own!! Feel free to use. The small Spider-Man cartoon is not my original I saw it and it looked really cute, so full credits to the artist of the small Spider-Man cartoon!
a statue of a man swinging on a swing set in a yard with a brick wall behind it
James Gunn
Wow! Some awesome folks made their kid a Groot swing for an upcoming reality show called Super Fans, Super Builds. I love it.
the avengers movie character list is shown in this image, which includes characters from all over the
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Every confirmed character for Infinity War! #Avengers #InfinityWar #2018 #Asseble
the avengers movie poster with many different characters
3 Teams come together.
many different pictures of men with beards and various facial expressions on their faces, including the man in the middle
Agente de Marvel (@AgentedeMARVEL) en X
(4) Agent of Marvel (@AgentedeMARVEL) | Twitter
two superheros standing in the snow with their hands up and one is holding a glowing ball
an image of captain america with the caption that reads, is that hugh?
This would be a cool way for Jackman to be a part of the MCU!
many different pictures of actors and their characters
My favorites are quicksilver, young Charles, young magneto, and mystic