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RCR Arquitectes  edificio de oficinas . l'hospitalet

The Europa Square office building by the RCR office of Aranda, Vilalta and Pigem is an apparently solid block of recycled steel that is actually transformed into a beautifully lightweight building by how air and sunlight penetrate its open facades.

Tehran apartment block by Keivani Architects features faceted window frames and stained glass.

Faceted window frames project fromthe slatted timber and stained-glass facade of this apartment block in Tehran designed by Iranian studio Keivani Architects to reduce sunlight and heat and repel insects in the hot climate. Photo: by hypebeast

Water Villa by Framework Architecten nd Studio Prototype

This water villa was designed by FRAMEWORK Architecten & Studio PROTOTYPE for a waterfront location near the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. The relation between the water and house is central to the design.