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Original Acrylic Abstract Painting on Canvas by OraBirenbaumArt, $365.00

This is a one of a kind painting by acrylic artist Ora Birenbaum. Fabulous jeweltones with amazing warmth. I combined deep reds, yellow,

ANNA BADUR, fabric, dye - 120 x 275 cm. Everything in the natural world is shaped by the environment in which it exists. Landscapes are formed by natural forces and weather conditions, and organisms adapt to their natural habitats. But environments also have the power to shape and develop unique character. Our natural surroundings and weather have an enormous influence on how we develop, feel and behave.

Anna Badur - Drawn by Nature ('Drawn by Nature' is a project where natural forces draw textile. The textile is made by blue pigments that are blown over wet fabric, resulting in unique patterns.