David Nien
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A wall-mounted Whisky Dispenser . Its industrial design is complete with 30 year old Lincolnshire Oak Base, stainless steel pipe, a brass tap and copper breather. This could be a unique addition to your bar or the perfect gift for a Whisky lover.
My own efforts at melted crayon art for our daughter... Board is the normal backing to the picture frame. Painted with white chalk paint. Letter and umbrella blanks cut out of cardboard and the rest is obvious from the pics.
禾築國際設計 Herzu Design
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Kevin Ward
Amusement Park Alphabet - Ann Shen
Amusement Park Alphabet - Ann Shen
#36DaysofType © Rafa Goicoechea I Diseño, tipografia I Coctel Demente-AZ
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this pin could be good for us as we revisit the fonts we use in our documentation. I particularly like the Gill Sans and Verdana combo.