Darren Reed Sivulski

Darren Reed Sivulski

Who Cares / Boring, Average, Old, Alcoholic, Talentless, Funny Sometimes, Daddy.
Darren Reed Sivulski
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Elvis Presley and Tom Jones : The Flamingo Hotel : June 10, 1969.

Elvis Presley Photos and i thought tom jones was good looking but he for sure is no elvis man was e p a super good looking person ellie hamm

“Saturday Night Live’s” edgiest night: The inside story of Richard Pryor’s brilliant evening

Comedian Richard Pryor, pictured in grew up in a brothel, surrounded by violence. "He said once that it's easier for him to talk about his life in front of people than it is to do it one on one," says Scott Saul, whose new book is Becoming Richard Pryor.

Jerry Lee Lewis

It seems that celebrities flipping the bird is as common as them giving a courtesy wave. They give the finger to everybody that may be getting in position to gaze at them and be utterly disappointed.