Darina Leitnerová

Darina Leitnerová

Darina Leitnerová
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DIY This Pretty Kimono in Less Than 30 Minutes! // willing to try this if I had money for fabric

DIY This Pretty Kimono in Less Than 30 Minutes! // Sheer or lace for the bulk, trim sleeves/front/bottom with LotR fabric, fringe, crochet decal in back?

Cosplay tutorial: Circular skirt vs. gathered skirt

This is a link to a FABULOUS range of skirts & patterns that create different shaped skirts - from modern to classic. Pin it, pattern makers! This is like every skirt ever. And then some more skirts. All the skirts i tell you!

This looks fascinating. I wonder if you could make a stay-at-home version by just cutting fleece ...

One Piece of WOOL and Cashmere Blend Fabic turned into a SHAWL with just one cut. whatttt i have to do that! I Love This --- so much,

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Many beginners in sewing often argue that they do not have any need for special sewing furniture. However, they soon realize the importance of having specialized furniture when they start sewing regularly. Specialized furniture not only makes sewing.