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Daniel Machill

Daniel Machill
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Dominique Thomas a french ceramic artist known for her eye for details and amazing glazes and colors.

Lots of great new ceramics on the shop right now! Check out these beauties by…


Andrea Román, an East London based designer. Andrea grew up in Mexico, a country with a high density of pottery communities, which made her curious about this a


Tumblers - Ceramics - It's yo no bi

Spice Container - Ceramics - It's yo no bi

Stoneware clay spice container by London based artist Andrea Roman. Raw on the outside and only glazed inside, each container is closed with a cork lid.

2012 : t a n i a . r o l l o n d

(Australia) Ceramic Pottery 2012 by Tania Rollond ).


Each with a different design, including plain, ombre speckled and striated, our set of four bold blue bud vases will add a pop of statement blue to your living space. Use to display petite buds or floral sprays, or leave unfilled for a more mi


For every beautiful flower there should be a even more beautiful vase to put it in.