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Rustic modern
Windows, A-frame, deck. Vintage modern rustic. Good.
Cute idea!  I need to do this.
I want this in our bay window in the living room. Minus the kitchen table of course
ideas of old window panes | Ideas for Old Windows / I have a four pane window I want to do this ...
Traditional Japanese method of burning wood cladding to preserve it and, paradoxically, make it fire-resistant.
/ / . Shou-sugi-ban is the ancient Japanese art of burning Sugi, or Japanese Cypress, for exterior siding. This textured charcoal finish is accomplished by burning for 7 minutes, extinguishing in cold water, scrubbing with wire brushes, drying, then rubbing with natural oils to coat and preserve the finish. This technique is said to protect the siding from weather, pests and rot for 80 years.
This is a technique people have been using for many years to create a very distinct and durable look, mainly used for exterior siding and furniture. Lately I have become very interested in how we can use it on some of our projects and art pieces here at Urban Design and Construction. I first became interested in it watching friend and fellow artist Steven Tiller do experiments. He was tinkering around with the technique at the shop one day and I fell in love with what he was doing. I watched…
Examples of shou-sugi-ban, the Japanese art of wood charring. What do you think #Savannah?
Beautiful corner joint gives this retro table top loads of character.