Daniel - Whydah

Daniel - Whydah

Daniel - Whydah
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Deep Forest by Artem Demura

In a deep part of the Coast forest in southwestern Green giant valley a strong daemonic spirit curse who ever meet it with despair and sorrow.

The Silmarillion: The Valar (Complete) by wolfanita

Including the new designs of Melkor, Manwe, Ulmo, Vana and Tulkas. The Silmarillion: The Valar 2015

Silmarillion Character Map Art Print by Dgdotto

Silmarillion Character Map << how do you even read that thing? (Map not book lol) Idk I'll just pin it anyways


Should keep pursuing this style of using thinner lines to create the form. This path takes considerably longer to illustrate and vector but the end result is always much better.


step of crafting my dagger sheath - the molding part. I've made a gypsum of my latex-LARP-dagger to have a robust shape and molded my leather around it. (It has to be completely soaked with war.