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Daniel Schachler

Daniel Schachler
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Obey Snapback, Super Shades, Lacoste Bomber, H&M Pants, Dr. Martens Boot

Elias Foster - Obey Snapback, Super Shades, Lacoste Bomber, H&M Pants, Dr. Martens Boot - Be who you want to be.

Near Vermont - rustic log cabin.

Vermont Log Cabin, I think cabin is an American word for cottage!


Rich Froning became the first person to win the title of "Fittest Man on Earth" three times with his first place in the and 2013 CrossFit Games.

I was told by an artisan if you ever use a license plate for a bird house roof, be sure to use wood between the house and the plate. The heat that radiates from the roof could actually hurt the birds inside.

Painted and stenciled birdhouse with license plate roof. Use wood for roof and just overlay with license plate or metal can get too hot in summer and radiant heat off it can harm birds inside.


Love this vintage Esso gas pump // Only in Germany are we allowed to get "tax free" gas. If you pump gas off base, in another country, or at another non-Esso gas station, you will pay the economy gas price which will be more expensive.

The Pioneers

Pioneers on the Oregon Trail - early the US goverment encouraged settlers to move west with the promise of free land if they staked a claim. There were many hardships, danger and sickness along the way.

1870 covered wagon

A noon meal in Ferdinand V. Hayden's camp of the U. Red Buttes, Wyoming Territory, August Hayden sits at far end of table in dark jacket; Jackson stands at far right. By Jackson.