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I FOUND IT! JosieLee: Czech Recipe: Bread Dumplings (Houskové Knedlíky)

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slovak nut roll-- tender bread filled with chopped nuts and brown sugar and raisins are an option as well

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Czech Cookbook - Video Recipes in English - US Measurements - US Ingredients | Potato Dumplings Recipe – Bramborové knedlíky

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My Favorite Czech Recipes: Chicken Paprika

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Pagach (Slovak Cabbage Bread) is not easy to make but worth all the work! My mother & I have made Pagach for years now! It would't be Easter without it. Already getting requests from friends! Can't wait! I can already smell it baking. Yum~!

How to Make PoppySeed Filling (2 ways)

Potiča / Potiza - Slovenian Nut Bread

Potiza (potica). Slovenian nut bread. We have this for every holiday. tradition <3

Traditional Czech Bread Dumplings

Bohemian-Czech Bread Dumplings - Houskový Knedlík

Potato Dumplings: Czech Bramborove Knedliky ze Studenych Brambor

Bramborove Knedliky ze Studenych or Czech Potato Dumplings