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is this from a fic? cause I'd love to read it

You get the bubbly feeling in your stomach and that bango drum in your heart? You ship it, you shut it bad honey. Fandom Trash — aloeviera: Please Drink Responsibly - Commission.

felt like drawing random Voltron

felt like drawing random Voltron<< Adorable

Look at Shiro in the last panel. XD he knows all. He ships it as well. XD

I have no idea what this is but Lance my favorite character is holding a Rottweiler puppy my favorite doggo so imma pin dis

Ship whatever. Only a klance shipper, but I don't give a damn.

I don't ship Lance as bottom (prefer Keith or Shiro to be bottom. Keith could be top but only top for Shiro. Bottom for Lance.) <<-- nah, Lance is always bottom, so cute