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Tableaux d’intimité par Anne-Laure Maison

Photographer Anne-Laure House photographs illuminated windows at night in cities around the world, and arranges them into beautiful collages.(Amsterdam)- love this. reminds me of 'rear window' ;

photo by Andreas Gursky. "Noticing change is the key" (Federman, 2004). It is sometimes unclear what the true content of a media is displaying. This photo is an example of scale, pattern and perspective. From my cultural background I may interpret the black lines as roads, however when you look deeper that interpretation cannot be true based on the direction and scale. It urges a deeper analysis of the image and the cultural contexts at play. Source: Pinterest

Bahrain l - Andreas Gursky - Bahrain race track. The composition forces you to question what it actually is that is built into the landscape. Maybe still life on landscape? Does that work?