Daniela Cream

Daniela Cream

I'm so optimist, that I'm pessimist. Waiting for my death, I can't catch my breath.
Daniela Cream
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Costume Skirt - Pioneer SASS, Victorian Tea, Civil War Reenactment - Royal Blue Floral Scroll Cotton Print - Handmade.

Floral Long Skirt for Costume - Pioneer SASS - Victorian Tea - Civil War Reenactment - Dark Blue Floral Scroll Cotton Print - Handmade

Step by step guide to make a crown inspired by The Lord of the Rings

Thranduil’s crown done! Assembled it with wire skeleton, covering it with DAS, colored it with bronze then soften with pearl-white colour and hard. The Hobbit: Thranduil's Crown

Someone from Melhus, Sør-Trøndelag Fylke, NO posted a whisper, which reads "*Boy opens door for girl* Girl: I got a boyfriend Boy: Me too"