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A white top with blue hair - LadyStyle

My band director handed this out to us once. We were stupid enough to actually want to try it, in spite of knowing it was meant to be funny.

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz, John Stump, arranged by accident, based on a Cro-magnon skinning chant

Totally would need one of these in high school right now. I kinda miss being a band geek.

Pimp my Music Stand musician humor Love the mute holder :)

So true.

Funny pictures about How music reading works. Oh, and cool pics about How music reading works. Also, How music reading works.

Flute Player Problems. So true... and when you are one of the only two people playing...

fLuTe PlAyErS nEeD tO bReAtHe! i was a flute player, i know the struggle 😂


Orchestra jokes never get old. Confession: I totally recognized the violin sheet music on sight.<<< I actually don't think it unusual to have notes in my tuba music bc I used to play trumpet

Band Problems

This is the complete opposite of the clarinet. You play the entire song with not even a beat of rest.

So true it hurts

Old piano teachers!

band humor.

My musical friends will understand this. --- Band geek humor is the best kind.

So true!

How student musicians count rests.I'm the memorizer