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a painting with lots of different colors and shapes on it, including leaves in the center
Art Journals, Faeries, Sacred Marks and....Happy Christmas!
an abstract painting with birds and flowers on the bottom half of it, painted in bright colors
Student Gallery - Flora Bowley
Student Gallery – Flora Bowley
an artistic painting with flowers and planets in the background
Find Your Hidden Inspiration for Drawing Details - Peony and Parakeet
"Growing towards Light" by Peony and Parakeet. A drawing with colored pencils. Read about finding inspiration and improving the quality of your art by focusing on small details.
an image of blue and pink flowers on a green background with text that reads, yellownamemes
an artistic drawing with circles and lines in the shape of a circle on white paper
Inktober18, Full Moon, and IAST 266
an image of the cover of a book with many different colors and patterns on it
Gustav Klimt Inspired Scratch Art
four different colored boxes with designs on them sitting on a wooden table in front of a painting
a painting with many different colors and shapes on the bottom, including an image of a woman
Adam Antoni Rząsa – Painting – The Expectation (Gustav Klimt)
an artistic painting of a cat with swirls and circles on it's back
a tree with swirly branches is shown in this adult coloring page for adults and children
L'arbre de la vie de Gustav Klimt
a painting of a tree with many circles around it and the sun in the background
(Boabab Trees by jenny)
the tree of life with many circles on it's trunk and branches, painted in pink Art of Paul Heussenstamm Art of Paul Heussenstamm
an orange tree with lots of circles on it's trunk and leaves in the center
Orange Mandala Tree Mais