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a painting of a man with his arms spread out in front of him, on top of a table
two paintings of angels are shown on the wall
a painting of an angel standing in the water with her wings spread out and looking at the sky
Carte de vœux ange réalisée à partir dœuvres dart originales - Etsy France
Carte de voeux ange faite à partir d'œuvres d'art - Etsy France
two paintings on display in a room
Southern Strokes Art Show 2014
an angel painting on a wall with blue and yellow colors in the background, it looks like she is holding her hands to her chest
ArtistLeighBradford - Etsy
ArtistLeighBradford - Etsy
an angel with white wings standing in front of a blue and beige sky, holding her hands behind her back
GICLEE PRINT Art Abstract Angel Painting Canvas Print Oil Painting Guardian Angel of Peace Home Decor Wall Art Christmas Gift White Blue - Etsy
GICLEE PRINT Art Abstract Angel Painting Canvas Print Oil - Etsy
an abstract painting of a woman with blue dress and green wings on her back, in front of a red background
Wings…but I Can’t Fly
Wings…but I Can’t Fly
there is a painting with an angel on it
Angel painting by wvosart Angel in pink clouds W. Vos #angelart #painting #artist