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Component for crystal bracelet (picture won't pin). Full materials list w/schemas. (Doesn't this look like part of a beaded bead?

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Safety Pin Beaded Projects | Safety Pin Tree Ornament | Beaded projects

Help your little ones make a Beaded Safety Pin Mini Christmas Tree to use as an ornament or as a key chain. Crafts for Christmas that can be brought to school? Their buds will want to make homemade Christmas ornaments.


Said by the pinner: DIY Beaded Snowman. (Only with wooden beads instead of pearls). And a fabric scrap scarf. Decorate them to make a necklace, keychain or ornament.

Free Bead Patterns and Ideas : Snowflakes Falling Ornament Pattern - Free pattern

It's that time of year again when the snowflakes will start falling. I think these are a lot more fun when you have snowflakes all over.

初心者でも簡単!ビーズアクセサリーの作り方 | WEBOO[ウィブー] おしゃれな大人のライフスタイルマガジン

初心者でも簡単!ビーズアクセサリーの作り方 | WEBOO[ウィブー] おしゃれな大人のライフスタイルマガジン

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Bead Patterns and Pictures / angel;