Seashell Candles

Easy Seashell Crafts

outstanding seashell craft ideas and sea glass craft ideas. Make beautiful crafts using seashells and sea glass. Project ideas for kids crafts and adult crafts.

Painted shell

Peaches By The Sea Hand painted shell. ♥A***And if you run out of real shells, save one, and make a mold for clay!

Whelk shell in the seafoam, Hatteras Island

A whelk shell in the seafoam at the beach on Hatteras Island photo by Dan Waters Photography


Lovely "collection" - natural beauty of texture, color & shapes. Mother Nature you are amazing!

rose murex shell

Rose Pink Murex Shells Priced per Dozen by Shell World by Shell_World These shells remind me of a shell my aunt and uncle had on a table in their hallway. I'd always put my ear up to it to hear the ocean :)

seashell love

A clam is the best thing the represents me because they have a really hard shell but they are very beautiful on the inside. Thats like me, I am very hard to understand and I have a hard time to open up but once I do I am very easy to get along with.


Seashells by the seashore. Love looking for shells and sand dollars on the beach💜

sea shell

addictedtolifestyle​ A Gift From the Sea (Triton shell - from Fiji) by Mary Faith.

colorful shells

Assortment of sea shells. These shells are formed by molluscs for protection. The starfish at upper right is the exception, being an echinoderm.

Seashells & Starfish

Sea Shells And Starfish Photograph by Garry Gay - Sea Shells And Starfish Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Cute and Simple DIY Seashell Earrings:

How to Make your Own Seashell Jewelry - 9 DIY Shellicious Tutorials


Seashells~~ Ellie and Mommy for days collecting :) Its the simple things.