How to Make a Garden Fountain

DIY: How to create a water fountain - includes excellent instructions and a video. by maria.

Backyard oasis with copper hot tub and waterfall pool...i'd love to just visit this place, let alone have it in my backyard.

I must have a waterfall even if it is man made.this would be lovely. If I can get a place with a natural waterfall nearby that would be even better! Backyard Oasis with hot tub and waterfall pool

DIY Garden Waterfalls • Ideas & Tutorials!

DIY Garden Waterfalls

DIY teapot and teacup and saucer  faux fountain in the garden

Tea garden art - no instructions. Tea pot and teacup on stakes, chandelier crystal to look like teapot pouring

Step waterfall

One of many water features in Les Jardins de l& (The Gardens of The Imagination) overlooking the village of Terrasson la Villedieu in France. Designed by Kathryn Gustafson.

Garden Water Features

So, we are presenting you our Fascinating Garden Water Fountains That Will Make You Say WOW. Pick which one is your favorite and get back to us with your impressions.