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an advertisement with children around the world on it
sheet music for children with the words rozolieenii se skolharu
sheet music with the words jak se jemeneus
sheet music with words and symbols in russian
sheet music for children with the words to se podak
an old sheet music with musical notations and notes on it, including the words kannardi
handprints are displayed on a white paper with the words nase skolka
two children standing next to each other with hearts above them
an iphone screen showing the text in english and spanish, with other words on it
sheet music with the words and numbers in spanish
Chytneme se
the text is in english and spanish
two texts that are being shared on their cell phones, one is in conversation with the other
an english poem with two children holding hands and the words in russian are written on white paper
the words are written in two languages, and there is an image of children with crayo
Moji kamarádi ze školky
Básnička - začátek školního roku