MANDALES NADAL 2 - petitmón 1 - Álbumes web de Picasa Recull de mandales per imprimir

A beautiful Mandala of "the three kings". Hang as a decorative festive garland (with a few other beautiful Christmas Mandalas.

Neat way of doing a vase arrangement

DIY Centerpiece: Make a no-cost vase from empty plastic bottles! On a pg shared with recipes for a soda stream ad but a cool, free vase idea.

Team Building Atividade por rodas de treinamento.  3-D Praça de Touros.  praça de touros 3D.  atividade de resolução de problemas

3-D Bull Ring

12 neon colored strings attached to a PVC tube. Takes the Bull Ring activity to a whole new level. The challenge is to carry a small ball using the bull ring and multiple strings through a series of o

kdo mi vyrobí? :-) - Sabina Drápelová

The Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandal trend has taken the world by storm and is a fun way to accessorize and make your feet stand out. Beach wedding sandals are