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a young man with long hair singing into a microphone
Kurt Cobain
a man with long hair playing an electric guitar on stage at a music festival in front of a microphone
Kurt Cobain, Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival), Reading, United Kingdom. 1991
a poem written in black and white with the words punk is musical freedom it's saying
Kurt Cobain Quotes & Sayings
Kurt Cobain Quotes
Dumb | Nirvana Song Lyrics, My Heart Is Breaking, Find My Friends, Lyrics And Chords
Dumb | Nirvana
I'm not gonna crack. Lithium. <3 Nirvana---i LOVE running to this jam. Nirvana Lyrics
I'm not gonna crack. Lithium. <3 Nirvana---i LOVE running to this jam.
a black and white drawing with the words nirvana written in large letters on it's side
☮ American Hippie Music Collage Art ~ Nirvana Lyrics
a man with long hair on top of his head singing into a microphone at a concert
Kurt Cobain / Reading Festival
a man standing in the dark holding a white frisbee and looking at the camera
was there anybody cooler than kurt? lol this makes me laugh, and i don't laugh very often
nirvana logo with the words nirvana and smiley face in black letters on a white background
there is a sign in the window that says i'm not like them but i can pretend
kurt cobain quote
the sun is gone,but I have a light,the day is done,but im having fun,i think im dumb,maybe just happy...i think im just happy...KDC Ω
a woman playing an electric guitar in front of a crowd
b&,w, beautiful, black and write, cute, guitar
a man kneeling down while playing an electric guitar
Kurt Cobain