Wine and Ferrero Rocher pineapple gift

Wine And Chocolate Pineapple

Such a cute wedding or birthday gift idea! A sparkling cider bottle covered in Ferrero Rocher candies, decorated to look like a pineapple!<<<<This is genius!

Recycle tires

DIY tire furniture upcycle repurpose furniture ottoman chair - My idea is to cover top with material or leather & then add jute.

Přesně tak! - Album uživatelky neidentifikovatelne |

Přesně tak! - Album uživatelky neidentifikovatelne |

Great Repurposing Ideas For Old Tires

clever seating made from old tires painted and given some padding! For a club house.(very creative not a fan of the orange and butterfly's but a different color for a kids clubhouse/treehouse would be much better!

Kreslíme 3D propast

A pencil and a paper is all you need to draw these magical anamorphic black holes that will make your brain think that there is a whole different dimension under your table.