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a white and wood room with some cabinets
🇺🇦 House in Kyiv, Ukraine
an empty room with white drawers and wooden shelves
a tv mounted to the side of a white wall next to a shelf with wires
Pin by Vania Leite on Decoração | Home building design, Home interior design, Decor home living room
a washer and dryer are in the closet
B R O O K & P E O N Y on Instagram: "«Whatchu doin’» Forever doing laundry but in a much better space now 🙈🧺🛠 #beforeandafter" [Video] [Video] | Laundry room makeover, Bathroom interior design, Bathroom interior
an empty room with white furniture and a round mirror on the wall, along with wood flooring
an entryway with white cabinets and a black door in the center is decorated with flowers
Прихожая в проекте "Природа в доме"
an empty room with white closets and blue cushion on the bench next to it
Проект недели: квартира с очень вместительной кухней — INMYROOM
a room with some cabinets and drawers in it
Прихожая Соррентино
a white room with wooden flooring and coat rack on the wall next to it