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a dog with its tongue out standing in the grass next to a tree and some hearts
there are many different emoticions on the yellow background
a blue background with white text that reads,'kdyj isem by maly, nid
a woman is talking to a duckling with the word mama written above her mouth
immagini divertenti, foto, barzellette, video
the words are written in black and white on a blue background with an emoticive smiley face
a pregnant woman is talking to a man in an orange shirt with speech bubbles above her
A jak jste se k takové váze dopracovala??? | Obrázky |
two men talking to each other in front of a tv screen with speech bubbles above them
two men are standing in the middle of a field with words written below them that read,
a man sitting next to a woman on top of a chair
Když jsem byl malý, rodiče mi dali na zadek... | Obrázky |
a pink poster with words and pictures on it
Svatební kvíz: 75 skvělých otázek, které rozjedou zábavu!
a man sitting in the driver's seat of a car with an emoticive message
the text is written in different languages, and it appears to be english or spanish
two people talking to each other with speech bubbles above them that read, toto de tidor no piate?
the back of a woman's shirt that reads, je - li zena natstvana, objetimete ji