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someone is doing something with gold paint on some paper and it looks like they have dandelions in them
someone is painting a hedge on paper with watercolors and paintbrushes next to it
Watercolor flowers – #drawing #flowers #Watercolor - Diy Flowers
a drawing of a house with an umbrella and raindrops on the sky above it
Jesienne inspiracje
Jesienne inspiracje
an art project with fruit painted on paper and colored pencils in the shape of pears
Jesienne inspiracje
Jesienne inspiracje
a drawing of a tree with colorful leaves
Meet Pamela Hayes of Hayes Art Therapy - Voyage LA Magazine | LA City Guide
paper leaf mosaic craft
Create a simple and eye-catching paper leaf mosaic using our printable Fall leaf templates. This is a great Fall or Autumn craft for kids which will help them to develop fine motor skills and looks beautiful as a bulletin board display too #fall #autumn 3papercraft #fallcraft #leafcraft #kidsactivities #finemotor #mosaic #papermosaic #thecrafttrain
a painting of a colorful apple on a white background
Barevná hruška
a child's handprint tree with hearts on it and leaves coming out of the trunk
an art project made with paper and colored pencils depicting two plums on a branch
three pieces of paper cut out to look like leaves
Чтобы осень не кончалась...
У многих мастериц уже начался новогодний марафон, а в нашей школе до сих пор на потолочных светильниках висят вот такие осенние листья. Может быть именно поэтому в этом году в Москве такая долгая теплая осень? Завтра буду снимать эту красоту. На прощанье решила сфотографировать и вам показать. фото 2