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I want to write a book like this!

Russell Hendrie KINGSTON UNIVERSITY Visual Communication Hendrie's work, ‘Election is a typographic amalgamation of opposing headlines leading up to the 2010 elections. Already an RSA Student Award winner, Hendrie collaborates with fellow student

Selected Artworks | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A stern larger-than-life face is depicted on this arresting mask. The minimally carved eyes and nostrils, heavy brow, and downturned mouth depict a supernatural being adorned with red paint on its jaw that reaches up to divide its forehead in half

ORIGAMI FOX! // how adorable this fox is - too bad I have to spend the whole trying to figure out the folds

I've tried this: This is a GREAT origami tutorial for a fox. It gets a little bit confusing, so I don't recommend it to total beginners, but ultimately it makes a cute origami fox that can stand up on its own.