Heart & Circulatory System Diseases

Heart diseases and circulatory system diseases, known as cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Europe and in the United States. If you suffer from angina pectoris, heart failure, ischaemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension or inflammatory heart disease are the Czech healing spa resorts is probably the best place to get best rehabilitation therapy, including after stroke rehabilitation.
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Cafe Český Dvůr is located in the most beautiful part of Mariánské Lázně. There are several advantages of the residence like easy approach to the spa city-colonnade and the other spa houses as well as approach to the parks and to the beautiful parks of the city. You can find us in a very pleasant setting the Omega passage, right on the main boulevard.

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The Savoy Complex is located in the very centre of the town in the close vicinity of a large park and the popular Sadová Café. The Hotel offers 9 apartments, 50 single and 33 double rooms with satellite TV (including Spa Channel), refrigerator and telephone. The therapeutic procedures taking place in the basement can be accessed by lift.

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Hotel G-REX is situated on the edge of the Spa colonnade, close to the park. The accomodation capacity is 3 apartments, 2 singlerooms and 28 doublerooms. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom with shower, WC, TV/SAT, telephone and refrigerator. A Continental Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Procedures and treatments are made in the Central spa, near the hotel.

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Spa Hotel Libuse. The hotel is situated in the city center, close to the Spa colonnade with view overlooking the park. For its clients, accommodation in 3 apartments, 2 singlerooms and 28 doublerooms with standard equipment are provided. A Continental Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Procedures and treatments are available in the Central spa, which is situated next to the hotel.

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Sanatorium Janáček and the Teplice nad Bečvou Spa is situated in Moravia in the beautiful setting lined by the river Bečva and surrounded by the protected natural resort.

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Spa house Luna is located in Frantiskovy Lazne. This well known spa town which is surrounded by woods and parks is an ideal place for treatment and relaxation. Mineral water, thermal spring gas and sulphur iron peat are successfully used for treatment.

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Hotel San Remo***+ is a very cozy hotel with high accommodation standard, set in a quiet environment not far from the spa park and the town center. The hotel has its own balneology facilities, indoor car park and parkland that was reconstructed and finished in 2002.

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The comfortable Palace Spa Hotel dominates the centre of Luhačovice. Only recently have been opened its new balneotherapeutic facilities; a fitness centre as well as a relaxation centre featuring a heated swimming pool, sauna and solarium are also available. Two hotel restaurants offer both Moravian and international cuisine incl. a choice of dietary and vegetarian meals.

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The hotel is situated on the place of former historic building from the end of the 19th century in the town centre and nearly in the heart of the town park.. Even though it is a modern building from 1995, it competes with other spa buildings in the town by its soaring and refreshing style and it offers to its guests' comfort of the international hotel.

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Hotel Libenský is the first spa hotel and is situated in the middle of the spa colonnade.It accomodates 4 apartments, 54 singlerooms and 70 doublerooms. They are equiped with bathrooms with either a bath or shower, WC, TV/SAT, telephone and refrigerator. A Continental Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Situated in the hotel is the balneocentrum that hosts to part of the treatment and relax procedures.

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