Vivid Colors

Collection by Cindy

Did you know that male peacocks usually have the colors and the females are white.

rainbow peacock by icebatwarrior99 on DeviantArt

once again used backrounds and photoshop lama rainbow peacock

Twilight Posies by kayandjay100 on DeviantArt

UF 5.04 Still exploring these colourful parameters ~ this was a 22 hour render of a CY Generalised Durbi Julia Artwork Copyright ~ © Coco 2011 My artwor... Twilight Posies

Moonbeam's ~ "Fanciful Pansy" ~ moonbeam1212.

Moonbeams Fanciful Pansy 3D Models moonbeam1212

Moonbeam's ~ "Fanciful Pansy" ~ moonbeam1212.

Abstract Vector Design

Create a Vibrant Abstract Vector Design Illustrator

Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create a vibrant abstract design. We’ll put Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh tool to use to create a colourful shape, then build up layers of objects to create an abstract design with lots of vibrancy, bright colours and transparency effects. The design we’ll be creating features a range of …