Verča Cupalovic

Verča Cupalovic

Verča Cupalovic
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Do your kids love getting dirty? Let them turn your backyard into a Mars mission off-road adventure by burying lengths of PVC pipe in dirt for tunnels.

I love this idea for making mini truck tunnels to create a little construction site in your backyard. My three-year-old (Noah) would love this!

Amazing Interior Design 5 Cool DIY Sandbox Ideas for Your Kiddos

Time to get outdoors and spend the afternoons getting messy in sand. Don't have the space for a big sandbox? Check out the many portable and cost efficient sandbox options in these 25 DIY Summertime Sandboxes.

Shade over lawn, moves with sun. drill tubes into astroturf, cap when poles not in use in tubes.

of Canopy. This is the smartest canopy. What a great idea to arch pipes over a particular area and just move the material to shield away the sun. Source: My Happy Crazy Life of (Visited times, 24 visits today)