Lůca Bednaříková

Lůca Bednaříková

Lůca Bednaříková
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Im ALWAYS looking online before I go to the nail salon for new ideas and photos to show the artist. I collected my favorite Summer nail ideas and now im crazing to get them done!

Chocolate point Birman cat

Birman is a very playful cat breed. Generally they make a tough bond with their owners and always love the company of an owner. This cat breed has a great personality which they maintain. They are quiet intelligent and caring also.

Birmans maintain a balance between playfulness and affection. These adaptable cats like playing games with other pets and children, but also appreciate a good cuddle when everything has calmed down. Not steadfast lap cats, Birmans will occupy themselves for periods of time and they eagerly seek you out for a good head scratch. Because of this flexible attitude, Birmans usually do not have trouble warming up to new guests.

Birman Cat - The great thing about a Birman is how balanced the cat is on its personality. They are definitely a “people’s cat” who bond with their owners. They have a curious nature and are one of the most intelligent cats.