Bazalka v hrnku

The whole window will have a one foot wide window sill. I will have to show you the place to get a good idea of things. Basil planted in teacups for the kitchen, cheap and pretty teacups planted with fresh herbs on the window sill.

Pryskyřník v červánkové barvě

Coral and pink ranunculus pink flowers floral coral ranunculus flower pictures


Little bit rustic tulip design.

huge, sweeping dahlia floral arrangement, fall flowers fleurs d’automne autumn inspired blooms


Chic garden bouquet-Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men


this has to be the most beautiful bouquet I've seen lately. that polka dot tissue paper is not too bad either.


Indigo Crossing by ExperienceVintage by PennyLane


I have small glass vases different sizes - and jars? Arrangement of glass vases on a window sill

♆ Blissful Bouquets ♆ gorgeous wedding bouquets, flower arrangements & floral centerpieces - flower bouquet in purples

Easter/Spring Centerpiece Idea @ Home Improvement Ideas

Ana Rosa

Bouquet of flowers in depression glass vase.

The Cornflower aka Centaurea cyanus...a striking, blue summer flower | Flowerona

The Cornflower aka Centaurea cyanus.a striking, blue summer flower Flowerona


LAZY DUO Sleeping Sleepy Cat and Ribbon Bow Temporary Tattoo delicate henna tattooists fake vintage hipster boho roman vintage

breton stripes and coral peonies.


easter flowers - reminds me of mom


more field flowers.