Vintage Silver Tea Spoon Book Mark / Page Clip

Silver Tea Spoon Bookmark that says, "Fell Asleep Here. I need this! I fall asleep reading allllll the time! (my birthdays in 12 days.) thats such an awesome bookmark hehe i love it

Blank Canvas: Architect Marco Vido

Blank Canvas: Architect Marco Vido Starts Over

Books on the floor & space of this room, light, and this window are magnificent!

Things We Say Which We Owe to Shakespeare

The Things We Say Today Which We Owe To Shakespeare. This shows me I actually can quote some Shakespeare; see prior list item to know and quote Shakespeare

True, true.

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"A writer is a world trapped inside a person." ~ Victor Hugo

"A writer is a world trapped inside a person." ~ Victor Hugo Brilliant words from one of my favorite writers.

Read outside, in the grass. books about adventures and friends. and I was all the time alone with the grass, feeling the scent of the book above all. so, I guess my best friends are a book and some little spot of grass.

Z Pottera

Harry Potter Everything and A Book Hangover

"Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity those who live without love. This is a fate worse than death. Living without love is worse than living without your soul. You are fully sane and love evades you." -Albus Dumbledore tells Harry in the afterlife, HPatDH

You Don't Like Harry Potter?

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Čtení s kočkou a s čajem je to nejlepší čtení

A good book, a cup of tea, and someone to turn the pages for you - a cat's life - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

12 reasons why books make great gifts

12 reasons why books make great gifts (infographic)

12 reasons why books make great gifts (infographic) -- Designed by WPromote for BookPal, a site that promotes literacy and education, the infographic comes handy when you get lost in gift ideas.

Reading can seriously damage your ignorance. I like the image of the tree with book leaves.


I also like travel quotes and sayings. Here's a collection of some I've come across, all of which I can relate to in one way or another. Also, check out this very long list of inspirational travel quotes.

Book quotes

Friend: Let's go on an adventure! -pulls out map- Me: OKAY! -pulls out book sits down and starts reading- Friend:. that's not an adventure, that's a book. Me: To you it's just another book, to me it's another adventure.


Book love is something like romantic love. When we are reading a really great book, burdens feel lighter, cares seem smaller.