Dark places

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an empty hallway with posters on the walls
Прелести коммуналки (фото) + "Коммуналка" (худ .фильм)
an empty hallway with white walls and green lights
Liminal space 🌌
an empty stairwell in a dark building with green light coming from the ceiling and stairs
crying lightning
an empty gym with lights on the ceiling and basketball hoop in the middle of the floor
I-I think I can hear everywhere at the end of time playing somewhere...? And there are entities here, but they don’t seem to want to touch me, they’re just dancing for some reason...
an empty storage room with closed doors at night
I’ve been going down this corridor for what seems like forever. My head hurts.
an overhead view of a road in the middle of some trees and hills with cars driving on it
an empty hallway with graffiti all over the walls
this side of the dirt
an old chair sitting in front of a brick wall with graffiti on it and the words, just know that is for hide if i don't go away
From an Abandoned asylum in MD.