Baby jc instead of bird

Wintervögel falten

crow bulletin board idea for kids

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sweet little bulletin board idea


How to Make Beautiful Maple Leaf Rose

Cheerio Bird Feeder. So simple and cute :). These are made with pipe cleaners, so you can bend them into any shape you like!

Cheerio Bird Feeder - easy for the kids Pipe cleaners and Cheerios.

make birdseed cookies for a DIY winter bird feeder with seeds and gelatin as an act of kindness to do with kids!

Making Birdseed Cookies for a DIY Winter Bird Feeder

Making Birdseed Cookies for a DIY Winter Bird Feeder - To be a Kid Again

AWESOME easy projects to do with the little ones, including 59 different footprint and handprint crafts.

backyard bird activities for kids~feeders, crafts, printables and more

footprint robin - footprint crafts for kids

Great DIY idea for feeding the birds in your garden... More

20+ Unique Bird Feeders - Lots of beautiful Bird Feeders

DIY Orange Bird Feeder (a gift for your wild feathered friends). i like the idea of doing this for the birds in the park. a little "bird feeder bombing" may just be in order!