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Sand resonates to different frequencies to create different patterns. (click through for videos)

This is a video of a Chladni plate experiment in which sand resonates to different frequencies to reveal a particular frequency& SECRET PATTERN. And we all love secret patterns here, right? Think of it as a special door knock.

(link) Most Bugs are Good Bugs!  Most Garden Visitors — More Than 95% — Are Either Beneficial or Benign. ~ The decomposers: These are the Rodney Dangerfields of the garden – they don't get no respect. Centipedes, sow bugs & ground beetles break down organic matter, helping release the nutrients to garden plants & keep us from becoming buried under mountains of fallen leaves.  ***PIC: Sow Bug (aka: Roly Poly Bug / Pill Bug / Potato Bug / Woodlice) ~~~ READ article, very informative & helpful!

All u can eat- Pillbugs/Land Shrimp. known as sowbugs or woodlice. The better tasting ones are the ones that roll into a ball. The non-rolling sowbugs are foul smelling n tasting.

Rosy Maidenhair Fern: grows in a clump 12 -18" tall. The young fronds are rose-salmon colored, contrasting with the dark green or green-bronze of the leathery mature foliage. It performs best in soils with high organic matter and plenty of moisture but will tolerate dry situations. Zones 8-11; deciduous outdoors, but is lovely evergreen indoors and is the easiest to keep. Set in an east or north window, keep it lightly moist but NOT over-watered. Do trim old fronds before new growth.

Adiantum hispidulum forms delicate fronds that emerge pink against the previous year's dark green. A unique and gorgeous fern for the shade garden.