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Vasily Rasskazov, the only man living in the village of Vorobyovo, sits nearby the Sukhona River, July 2015. A former farmer now retired, Rasskazov visits often his friend who lives in the nearby Nizhny Pochinok village. Rasskazov expresses disappointment with USSR, which he blames for the disappearance of small villages, and he greets Putin’s policy on foreign affairs.

Reflections of the Ulyanovsky monastery, almost destroyed during the Soviet time, are seen along the banks of the Vychegda River, in the village of Ulyanovo in the Komi Republic, June 2014.

A folklore ensemble celebrates the 380th anniversary of the Sergievskaya Sloboda village, located on the Sukhona River, on July 2015. According to local accounts, Russian culture is disappearing from small villages, as the youth lose interest in keeping traditions alive. In Moscow, though, a cultural revival is happening as more and more people gather to celebrate holidays according to the traditions.

Black-and-white portrait of a couple who once lived in a now abandoned house in the village of Vorobevo. Beneath the photograph, a reproduction of Ivan Kramskoy's "The Unknown Woman." July 2015.

Andrey Tikalov, from the village of Laikovo, shows his trophy from the banks of the Izhma River. May 2014.

A boy in the village of Laikovo, on the Izhma River, studies small fishes caught in a jar, which he lured in with breadcrumbs. May 2014.

Locals celebrate the 380th anniversary of their village, Sergievskaya Sloboda. For the fifth time in the past 25 years, the village's former and current residents have celebrated the anniversary, singing songs and retelling old stories. The festival is made possible by a local entrepreneur, the owner of the town's sawmill. July 2015.

An abandoned house in the village of Sedtydin on the shores of the Vychegda River, in the Komi Republic, June 2014.

A local man works in the garden of his private house on the bank of Sukhona River, in the town of Totma, the administrative center of Totemsky District in Vologda Oblast, July 2015.

Zhanna Fedukova washes the floors of the old Pokrov church located in the village of Ust-Pechenga, on Sukhona River, where she lives. Fedukova and her husband are the only people in the village trying to keep the church in proper conditions. It was abandoned for several years before their arrival. July 2015.

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