I have a bunch of pine cones. All different sizes! going to do this & hang them along the patio with twinkle lights as well! :)

GLITTER PINE CONE ORNAMENTS (Miss Renaissance).did these when I was a kid. Easy and fun craft for kids and adults. Spray the pine cone white, green, silver or gold and while wet, sprinkle glitter colors of your choice!

To recreate the blue glittered ornaments, I would buy spray adhesive, glitter, and go in search of pinecones or other found objects. The spray adhesive is pretty nasty - so if you can, spray outside. I spray items inside a box to contain the extraneous spray, then sprinkle on the glitter. For the really heavy coverage, such as shown, rolling in glitter might do better. Have fun!

Fresh New Ways To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays

To recreate the blue glittered ornaments - spray adhesive, glitter, and pinecones or other found objects. For really heavy coverage roll in glitter

Navidad azul

Glittered Pinecones

Blue glittered pinecones in a glass jar - easy tutorial! Momma you do blue for Christmas! This is beautiful.

Skupina - Vianoce a zimné inšpirácie

Pine cone topiary In weiß

Ideas para hacer tus propios adornos de navidad

Christmas decorations for your steps, mantel, tree.

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spray paint pine cones funky colors and pair with my retro glass bulbs for a crazy theme in one of the bedrooms or bathrooms. spray paint pine cones with gold, bronze, silver to make more traditional decor in the main living area.