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an acoustic guitar is shown on a white background, with the fret and strings visible
Download Guitar, Instrument, String. Royalty-Free Vector Graphic
Guitar Instrument String - Free vector graphic on Pixabay
a white cake with a guitar and letters on it
O pequenino Diogo fez 2 aninhos...
a birthday cake with an acoustic theme on it
Bass Player Cake
a cake decorated with musical instruments on top of a table
Electric Guitars
I made this for my friend who’s husband is an Audio Engineer and a Recording Artist. He loves guitars and music, I told her I would make him a cake, she thinks she is getting a chocolate cake with strawberries hehehe Surprise!
a cake with the beatles on it
Beatles Abbey Road cake
a cake made to look like a brick wall with a guitar on top and fingers in the air
The Spirit of Rock Music
a birthday cake with a violin on top
Violine cake
(20+) Facebook 20th, Facebook, Sanda
(20+) Facebook
(20+) Facebook
a cake topper with music notes and guitar on it
tort chitara – Căutare Google
Cake Topper Portativ - CT1075, DekoLaser
a three tiered cake with musical instruments and flowers on top, sitting on a red ribbon
tort chitara – Căutare Google
Torturi de vis: Muzica pentru Emin
a three tiered cake with an electric guitar on top
Nina's Art Cake: Graffiti & Rock cake !
Nina s Art Cake: Graffiti & Rock cake !