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Looking for fold down beds? Check out this board! We share the best Murphy beds, hidden beds, built in beds, and beds for small spaces that are perfect for…
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Seamless Murphy Bed Fit
~ Small Space Living Murphy Beds, Wall Beds, DIY Beds Ideas & Inspiration ~ We offer not only the parts (mechanisms & mattresses) needed for the build & finish, but provide Murphy Bed DIY tutorials, how to guides & unsurpassed customer service. We can also direct you to a custom woodworker to assist with your vision. Murphy Beds have become VERY popular in interior design - tiny or micro houses, guest rooms, offices, attics & beyond. Share your photos w/ us! Visit & shop now.
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15% OFF Bed Bundle: Create-A-Bed®'s Murphy Bed and BedInABox® Mattress ♥️ 🛏️
Be a part of the exclusive partnership that will redefine your sleep experience. Create-A-Bed® has joined forces with BedInABox® to introduce a seamless fusion of comfort and craftsmanship, now available in our Original and Azul models. To celebrate this collaboration, we're offering an exclusive 15% discount on bundles featuring 'The Azul®' and 'The Original' mattresses with our Murphy bed frames. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with this limited-time offer, and experience the perfect marriage of comfort and innovation! ♥️😴 #wallbed #bedinabox #mattress #diyfurnitureideas #spacesaving #guestroom #bedroom #roomdecor #smallroom
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