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the words i want you to be happier written in gold on a pink background
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Happier // happier- marshmello// song lyrics// akmakes// #happiness #marshmello #happier #happy #huji #goldenhour #tombowusa #handlettering #calligraphy
a painting with the words i don't want to be heard, i want to be listened to
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silhouettes of people jumping on top of a hill with the words i miss those days when we were friends
How about they are still friends but things have happened to cause them to fight and not have as much fun
a person standing on a boat looking out at the water with a caption that says who's right, who's wrong?
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a painting with the words i want to feel nothing next time i see you
a woman driving a car with her hand on the steering wheel while holding an electronic device
Lana Del Rey - Beautiful People Beautiful Problems
the words don't you see the starlight? written in black on a white background
two signs hanging from a tree in front of a blue frame that says, either way you are not at fault in this gate just keep going on as you always have
two women talking to each other while texting on their cell phones with the caption'will i get over it? mmm no, but life goes on
the words appear to be written in white on a purple background
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a red background with the words you're all my heart ever talks about on it
a window with the words i don't feel very interesting today
don’t get hung up on it