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an old wooden chest with a black bag on it's top and drawers below
Saddle horses
I WANT I WANT I WANT........... 3!!!!!!!!
a horse stall with a bucket and hay in it
Feed Systems - Saratoga Stalls: European Horse Stalls - Custom Horse Stalls
the book cover for grooming to win how to groom, trim, and prepare your horse for show
Grooming to Win: How to Groom, Trim, Braid, and Prepare Your Horse for Show by Harris, Susan E. by Howell Books
This is the definitive book on grooming your horse to catch the judge's eye. It features over 400 detailed drawings illustrating every aspect of grooming. Completely updated, it details current practices and requirements and covers conditioning, daily care, tools and supplies, and grooming for shows. New chapters discuss blanketing, newly popular breeds, and the latest show ring clothing styles. A must-have reference, it covers all disciplines and includes trimming styles by type and event as we
a man petting a horse with the words how to train your horse to neck rein
How To Teach a Horse to Neck Rein
a person holding up a sign that says stop the biting on a horse's face
The Horse That Bites
a woman leading a brown horse across a field with the words what you need to know before you start lunging
What you need to know before starting Lunging Training with your Horse
Lunging training is so much more than letting your horse run around in a circle! Lunging can be a great exercise to built up your horse's muscles and fitness and to help you to bond with your horse but done incorrectly it can seriously harm your horse's health. Click here to see why it is so difficult for your horse to run on a circle and how we can help them with groundwork exercises!
the cover of horse training basics for the beginer how to get your horse to trust you and obey basic commands
Horse Training Basics for the Beginner: How to Get Your Horse to Trust You and Obey Basic Commands