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Alforjas para llevar medicamentos (28) (1885). Fue usado por John Francis Duncan, M.D., de McShan, Alabama. Se graduó en 1878 en el Medical College of Alabama.
cross stitching. Lacing is a highly decorative method of sewing leather projects together with lace of the same or differing colors for the desired look.  Leather edge lacing is often used with tooled leathers as the combination of styles complement one another for a professional looking finish for your handmade leather goods. TAKE A LOOK AT THE FINISHED PRODUCT.  #stitch #technique #leatherstitching #leatherwork #craftsmanship #craftsmen #handmade #braidstitch

Leather Working Skills

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Leather PDF Pattern for Dart Case PDF Pattern for Dart | Etsy
"Showcase your dart skills and style with this leather dart case! Crafted from genuine leather and hand-stitched with durable waxed threads, this case is as durable as it is stylish. It comes with thoughtful handy compartments and pockets for all your darts parts, and a metal half ring allows you to wear it on your belt or around your neck. Get ready to make a statement on the darts with this stylish leather dart case! INCLUDED: - leather case - detachable leather strap on a carabiner ! Darts ar
Leather case containing leatherette faced wooden dominoes with scoring tablet and metal pegs. Case measures 10 x 7 x 4cm Real leather carry case Wooden scoring tablet Metal score pegs Leatherette faced hardwood dominoes Made in the UK

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the back of a woman's dress made out of metal strips and leather wings
Legolas pauldron
Do you are a larper? An cosplayer? Or a lover on fantasy world? You will like this! But is only the beginning! Write as a comment and follow us on social channels to show more pics and creations. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and also on Etsy! I wait for you!!! www.facebook.com/artesulcuoiolarpcosplay www.instagram.com/artesulcuoio www.pinterest.com/artesulcuoio www.etsy.com/artesulcuoio
the back of a woman's dress with intricate designs on its waist and belt
a mannequin dressed in leather with leaves on it's chest and shoulders
DarkHorseWorkshop Concept Armor
a woman wearing a brown leather vest with leaf designs on it's chest and shoulder
three purple vases sitting on top of a cloth covered table next to each other
the back of a woman's leather vest with leaves on it and buttons at the waist
two green and gold decorative items sitting on top of a gray cloth covered bedding
an image of a man in armor on the screen and another photo of his face
Thranduil [Armor and Costume : Upper Body ], Helena Shin
an assortment of spoons and other kitchen utensils in different shapes and sizes
Button Hole Punch(es)
an open wallet with dice, cards and other items around it on a white surface
Monogrammed + Personalized Bags, Accessories + Gifts
Oxford Leather Case with Playing Cards and Dice
a leather wallet sitting on top of a wooden table
a green and white street sign with the word fontanine on it's side
Fontaine: Broccoli Playing Cards | X-Decks Playing Cards
Earrings, Accessories, Jewellery, Stud Earrings, Cap, Snaps, Line, Celtic
Celtic Line 24 Snap Cap Set 5 Pack
two old leather boxes with bottles in them
Alforjas para llevar medicamentos (28) (1885). Fue usado por John Francis Duncan, M.D., de McShan, Alabama. Se graduó en 1878 en el Medical College of Alabama.
a leather book with some metal buttons on the front and back cover that reads spell slots
Spellbook Kickstarter
Spellbook Kickstarter – The Speechless Bard
an old trunk sitting on top of a bed next to a plant with green leaves
Treasure Chest [PDF & DXF pattern] - Creative Awl Studio
Search Results for “chest” – Creative Awl Studio
a hand holding a brown leather case with two buttons on the front and one in the back
leather beautician
a knife that is sitting on top of a table with an orange and yellow substance in it
Leathercraft Tools & Knives | George Barnsley and Sons
Bevel Point Pairing Knife
a man is writing on a book with a pen
Paul Vogel's Bespoke Bookbindery in New York City
the tool roll is made out of leather and has various tools in it on top