Ivan Kutil

Ivan Kutil

Prague / Google Architect & Evangelist at @AppSatori | data-information-knowledge enthusiast | dreamcatcher | VŠE @GUGcz leader | math & science lover | student
Ivan Kutil
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Guatemala Tour 2012, by Billy Melgar Guzman (Guatemala)

Beautifully illustrated on Guatemala's cycling race by Billy Melgar Guzman, Prensa Libre

Painters colors

Ten artists, ten years ~ A revolution in color over ten extraordinary years in art history. Each pie chart represents an individual painting, with the five most prominent colors shown proportionally. By Arthur Buxton.

Hollywood economics

Deniz Cem Önduygu - For each element (movie or genre), we visualize two values – the budget and the worldwide gross revenue – with two concentric circles, where the area of the lighter shade circle represents the revenue.

The great war 1914

A political caricature map depicting different nations in the alternate world history of the book Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. The Clanker Powers: Ger. Caricature Map of Europe 1914

Stephen King Flowchart by Gillian James

Obsessive Stephen King fans can test their obscure character knowledge with the brand new Stephen King Universe Flowchart. Designer Gillian James has created a jumbo-sized infographic showing connections between King characters among his many novels.

The Battlespace of Online Piracy

The battlespace of online piracy [infographic] Online piracy has become an unfortunate reality to the entertainment industry as peer-to-peer technology has grown. Check out the battlefield that is