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A Day In My Life
A Day In My Life
How To Celebrate Earth Day
Earth Day is right around the corner on April 22, and while Earth should be celebrated every day, this is a time to pause, reflect and pay extra attention to caring for our only planet. Earth is changing rapidly and I worry for my children and generations to come how it will impact their future. There are several movies and shows that can help start meaningful conversations and how we can all play a role in providing the hope, optimism, and solutions we need in order to care for planet Earth. I encourage my children to spend time outside and enjoy nature. With our telescope we are able to bird watch and do some creature spotting. We decided to try a tomato grow kit and all we need to do is add water. Hopefully we will have fresh tomatoes by summer. We built our own bee hotel in order to p
My Tuesday Night Routine
Our Evening Routine 5 to 8pm
Non toxic bathroom deep clean
The IT bag for summer
DIY Charm Necklaces
Come spend Saturday with us at Hobby Lobby. I am sure you have all seen and heard of those adorable charm necklaces that are super popular right now. So come with us to pick up all the necessities. We got gold necklaces, several charms and went home to assemble them. It was such a fun and easy craft to do with my daughter. You should definitely try this. We even made extra necklaces for friends too!
How To Play Pickleball Blast
Can the kids tell the difference between washed & worn clothes
Stop what you are doing! I am going to play a little game with the kids! I don't know about you, but my kids are constantly changing clothes and throwing things into the laundry basket that they have barely worn! This makes more work for mom and puts unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes. Let's blindfold the kids and see if they can tell the difference between clothes that have been worn and those I just washed, both using Downy Unstopables. #DownyPartner @downy
Stoney Clover Dupes
Check out these dupes! Grab some Gorilla Glue and patch those pouches and have fun
Tapple The Best Family Game
Sharing About Starting A YouTube Channel
Thank you, YouTube! Today I wanted to share about our YouTube channel. We have been creating videos since March 2014, but started taking our YouTube channel more seriously in 2022. We post trailer reactions, shorts, interviews with celebrities, DIY crafts, travel, recipes and more. It is probably our favorite social channel because we work on it together as a family and I think that is what makes it so fun. Believe me, we are far from an overnight success. It takes a lot of hard work, posting almost daily, and working with our amazing manager and team at YouTube. Our YouTube channel grows by the day and I am always surprised by the number of subscribers. A couple highlights are having over 2.5 MILLION views on the Zombies 3 premiere we attended and Disney purchasing our trailer rea
Best 1/2 Zip Pullovers
I love a good half zip pullover, so today I am sharing some favorites with you. They are great for chilly weather, travel, training, and everyday wear. First up is the Lululemon Scuba Oversized Funnel Neck Half Zip Long Pullover. It is the most expensive, but I am obsessed with the length. It is so warm, comes in 4 colors and it is nice and long to cover your backside. It fits true to size and I love the zipper detail and kangaroo pocket. This one is definitely my favorite and I love the grey and green colors the best. Next is this pink Women's Half Zip Fleece Pullover. This pullover comes in 9 colors. I love this pink color. It hits at my hips. It fits true to size and is very comfortable. Next are the Dynamic Fleece 1/2-Zip Sweatshirts. They come in 8 colors. It hits at my
Vintage Bookshelf Board Games
We love board games in this house and these vintage bookshelf board games are a must. All the pieces and boards get folded & tucked away neatly inside, and as a bonus they look amazing displayed on a bookshelf. We are obsessed. There are 15 vintage bookshelf board games to collect. These would make the perfect gift or a fun date night in for Valentine's Day!