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a cat sitting on the floor in front of a bed with an animal rug next to it
productive days but make them dreamy 😌☁️✨
a living room with pictures on the wall and a coffee table in front of it
10 Perfect Scandinavian Blue Paint Colors for Your Home | Cassandra LaValle
credenza and art gallery wall with mid-tone blue paint | coco kelley
there is a shelf with hats and other items on it in the corner of this room
another room detail pic 🌤🌷
a mirror on the wall above a table with a potted plant in front of it
a corner book shelf with several books on it
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a bedroom with orange walls and plants on the wall above the bed, along with other decorations
How To Create a Boho Bedroom: Top 10 Styling Tips - DIY Darlin'
a white desk and chair in a room with shelving on the wall behind it
a living room with pink walls and pictures on the wall, including a blue chair
5 Classy Décor Tricks to Breathe New Life into Your Home
a desk with a clock on it and pink lighting
in my room
a bedroom with purple lights on the ceiling and white furniture in front of a window