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Should I Use A Guitar Amp Effects Loop? - Andertons Blog

Ever wondered if you should be using your effects loop? Or what an effects loop even is! Read our article to learn and take your guitar tone to the next level with your effects loop.


Burns-Weill Guitars Reference Page

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fender-Stratocaster-1961-Fiesta Red

Fender Stratocaster 1961 Fiesta Red Guitar For Sale David J Pym Vintage & Rare Guitars

fender-Stratocaster-1961-Fiesta Red

Heavily aged Pale Sonic Blue over Choc Faded 3 Tone S/B 58 Heavy Relic Strat. # #fendercustomshop ...

relic fendercustomshop fender heavy on Instagram

Gibson SG Junior 1996 Shell Pink Relic | Reverb

Gibson SG Junior 1996 Shell Pink Relic | Gear For Sale | Reverb

Gibson SG Jr- Originally this was cherry red with a stop tail and tune-omatic bridge assembly. I believe it is a 1996? serial number is gone. It was re-finished a few years back to this heavy aged shell pink with nitro lacquer. Converted to a wrap around bridge so the stop tail holes were filled. You can see them a little bit but they blend in well with the finish work. Elusion deluxe Grover on a plate tuners were aded as well. Pots and pickup are original. I'll put a truss cover on before…

Guitar Effect Pedal Order

A common question that comes up for guitarist getting into using effects is "What order should I put my pedals in and does it really matter?" The answer to the second question is yes and the order can change your tone depending on how you set it up. With that said, there is a "set" order you should put your pedals in, but this is more of a philosophy than a strict rule. I encourage you to move around your pedals and see how they behave in different positions on the pedal board. Now back to…

1965 Gibson SG Custom

The Joys Of Learning To Play Guitar - Play Guitar Tips

Every instrument has its own special qualities and sound, but the guitar is just something completely different. Apart from the fact that it’s the coolest instrument out there, the variety of styles that can be performed on it is amazing. From classical to rock, you’ll never get bored while learning to play guitar. As you are reading this you might be thinking that you are too old or too tone deaf to even try playing guitar. The …

P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

Yeah, I've had the Goldtop version of that same guitar for about a year. It's a keeper! Great sounds and very easy to play. Tuning is "fine" but could...

61 Strat in Fiesta Red

Fender Limited Mustang Electric Fingerboard – Learning Guitar